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Submersible pumps have several applications ranging from drainage to sewage pumping, slurry pumping and general industrial pumping. These pumps are lowered down into boreholes and are generally used for myriad purposes such as commercial, domestic, industrial and municipal water extraction.

These pumps are commonly used for supplying water to agricultural fields. Besides the above mentioned uses, these are also used for seawater handling, fire fighting and sewage treatment. These pumps are hermetically sealed with watertight gaskets that prevent water from entering into the housing. These pumps insert a lot of pressure on the fluid to push it through the pipe. In this way, the fluid can be pushed to greater distances as compared to any other pump.

Submersible Pump

3" Submersible Pump

V4 Submersible Pumpset

4" Submersible Pump

V4 Submersible Pumpset

6" Submersible Pump


Mini Horizontal Openwell

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